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Welcome. Here is my current artist’s statement and teaching philosophy. It is still more hopeful than descriptive.

My artist's statement

I live at Madawaska Lake in northeastern Maine. I am interested in exploring shared cultures and community through art. I want to become more compassionate of the human condition and to build community through "empathetic social interaction."

I have explored the utilitarian aspects of art and its possible effects on community cultural development. One project is "art work" for the revitalization of Stockholm, Maine, my adopted town. I have posted images around town to investigate the loss of population and the closing of the school. I wish to support efforts to keep the community viable.

I am expanding the possibilities in media and modes of practice. My desire for more public interactivity has not completely replaced my older processes. I still enjoy solitary conversations with my materials and producing art objects.

As I pursue a teaching career, I am excited about the possibilities of collaborative, interactive, and participatory projects with students and community. I am pleased at how my search for meaning in art has led to an examination of my own responsibility and role in community.

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